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Case Study: Investing in a Brand Identity.

Referred to me through my website designer @Brand9, Kate is a consultant for charities, empowering them to achieve sustainability and purpose, providing a valuable outside-in perspective.

We initially made contact through email and then arranged to meet in a small garden centre café nearby. My initial meetings are always informal and more of a getting to know you session to see if we gel together. It’s vital that any potential clients feel they are on the same wavelength as me and trust me to put their thoughts into something physical.

Branding can often be a last-minute thought and expense for many start-ups however with Kate’s background in marketing it was clear she understood the value of finding her brands style and voice right at the beginning of her new business journey. It was great that Kate had some visuals to show me, colours she liked as well as the meaning of her business name. I ask any new person I work with a lot of questions; I like to get to know you, what’s important to you and why you’ve made the brave decision to set up your own business.

One of my favourite questions is “What makes your business special?”, Kate has a background in Health and Social Care and her experience means she can add a truly unique perspective to Charities for how to drive their success and strengthen organisational sustainability. We discussed her love of nature and hiking, the basis of letting a seed grow and from this the Cempta branding was born.

The next steps are all on me, I start to work on your first mood board, collecting informa

tion on competitors, colours, fonts and potential themes. It was important that Kate’s branding showed the softer side of her business whilst keeping a professional feel, so I concentrated on her love of nature but not so much that it overruled everything.

A key part of the way I work is to not limit you to a definitive number of amends or reworks, I’ve had clients choose a logo from the first mood board and others who like parts of one theme and parts of another, so we work on to achieve a result you love. Kate instantly fell in love with the seed design commenting

Thanks so much for all the work you have put in on this I was so excited to see your work! I am delighted with everything you have done so far, and it’s definitely aligned with what I was looking for!!!”.

I love feedback like this!

The key difference between getting a logo and investing in a brand identity is the next part of the process. I create your design, your colours, your font, demonstrating how this will work across your business - everything you might need when promoting your business! I then looked at how this branding worked on business cards, flyers, roller banners and as Kate regularly puts together presentations for her clients, a style template for power point presentations. This was all provided to Kate as high-resolution quality artwork within a logo pack to facilitate printing as and when needed.My clients usually become good friends, who continue to help each other and offer a valuable sounding board for ideas and support. During our conversations, Kate has already helped me identify different ways to marketing my business as well as offering me a nifty way to highlight all those logos that didn’t get chosen (Keep an eye out!!) and we have shared some social media tips we have learnt along the way!

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